A Prayerful Nation


Paul Munnis

Residents of Houston, Tx, Florida, and other areas impacted by Harvey and Irma are thanking God for survival while praying for His help in recovering.

Many are praying for peace between the US, Russia, and NKorea.

More are praying for Congress to get its act together so they can govern.

Many are praying for a conclusion to Russia-gate.

Supplications for sane behavior from Donald Trump are plentiful.

People are praying for a resolution to the healthcare problems.

Youth are praying that our Government doesn’t kick the children of illegal aliens who grew up here out of the country.

Agricultural people are praying for help at harvesting crops.

Employers are praying for qualified workers.

Mayors are praying for calm cities.

Pastors are praying for people to return to increasingly empty Churches.

Kids are praying for good grades.

Republicans are praying for Steve Bannon to disappear.

Many pray for resolution of factors causing climate change.

Prayers for drug, alcohol, and opioid abuse abound.

Many are praying for the survival in war-torn nations and that includes those here as refugees who are worried about family left behind.

All this is just the pleading of people in America. Add another 172 nations to the quilt and God must hear a din coming from this planet that he created.

God gave mankind the power of reasoning and we are not using it well; instead we are looking for Artificial Intelligence software to reason for us.