A Shroud for Trump


Paul Munnis

With today’s revelation that in the meeting with the Russian Ambassador, Trump admitted to obstructing justice, it is a fact that Donald Trump has committed a criminal act. He is a dead man walking and nothing but grief lies ahead for him. Also, Congress has been notified that a person high up in the Administration is a person of interest in a criminal probe.

That is what Congressional leaders are left with tonight as they plan a funeral.

First up is the matter of do they want a dragged out impeachment process or do they just want to get it over with; and if the latter, then how to do that?

The second problem is getting the Congressional investigations wrapped up. Those committees investigating Russiagate want to score political points.

Then there is the scope of the investigation by the Special Counsel. He may find more than Congress wants to hear about.

From a political viewpoint the longer this drags out then the less that legislative work can be accomplished and the the worse it is for the Republican Party for notoriety does not portend well for the 2018 election.

Part of the political ploy will be to get Democrats to blabber like idiots and on video snips giving Republicans fodder to spin to offset the damage. Make no mistake that is the meaning of Nancy Pelosi’s homily to Democrats to keep a low profile in realization that full scale damage control is now operative.

If Democrats just play it circumspect and let the facts speak for themselves until the funeral is over then we will inherit the earth.

What we must do is use this time to ready for the 2018 elections and formulate planks for the 2020 Presidential Election.