As Predicted: GOP Crash Is In The Final Period


Paul Munnis

The Republican Party has been in steady decline now with the base being Red-necks and those who are poorly informed about American government. The crash is in its final stage right now as a GOP failed Congress may possibly Impeach a failed GOP President using a Conservative Supreme Court to conduct the trial.

Today the appointment of a Special Council takes Russiagate out of the hands of politicians and turns it over to a neutral party for further investigation and possible prosecution.

The GOP is dead but in all but a few diehard southern states that are in severe economic decline; the result of bad GOP economics.

We are in the final days of the Trump Administration and we hope for a more sober Congress.

The White House will stay in the hands of Republicans as VP Pace moves up to become the President. Congress stays in Republican hands too except some impeachments or expulsions may occur.

The end of the GOP began in 2018 with announcement by The GOP Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, that when it came to shared governing, Republicans would “Just Say No.” And the result was that the Republican Party became the Party of “NO,” to their long term detriment.

In spite of the impediment, Obama put forth an Olympic Caliber Administration and governed the country so well he was re-elected for a second term and exited that term with a 56 percent approval rating.

Meanwhile two ominous problems happened to Republicans. The first was that Conservatives took command of the Party and evicted those Moderate Republicans who they said “Were just not Republican enough.” The result was a shrunken base of voters, requiring reconstruction with factions not in agreement thus a splintered Party resulted. This lead to the second mistake that was made, one of gerrymandering voting districts and depriving many of their right to vote. Republicans won elections this way but locked. themselves into those districts on a dependency basis. Now they had to satisfy their districts and many of these contain the last of the pre-retirement baby-boomers who demanded a Red-neck agenda. That eventually lead to the 2016 Election with Trump and they won the battle but lost the war.

They way they won was again by using the Gerrymandered Districts to control the Electoral Vote as they lost the popular vote by a wide margin. People were not inclined to follow a Party and an Administration that stole the election. Then Donald Trump waded in shouting anti-Obama nonesense to an audience that still rated him at a 56% approval rating. He was spitting out accusations about being wire-tapped by Obama and still carrying on about Hillary Clinton’s e-Mail when a cloud passed over Trumps head that had Russia written on it. The rest is history and we now await the outcome of the special council.

We had predicted back in 2008 that the GOP was going to collapse and now it has.

The question is will they rethink the responsibility of governing, put rational bi-partisan budgets in place, give up trying to embezzle $1 Trillion as a tax cut for the rich, and institute a quality national healthcare plan for Americans; or are they going to stay on this track of refusing to meet the needs of the voters.

If they do the latter, they will fail even more.

Meantime the issue of gerrymandering is being looked at again. A lot has happened since the 2010 census. For one thing retirees have moved South encountering poor services, racial bias and stress. A No New Taxes pledge by Republicans has bankrupted their States. Climate Change is impacting the country with huge floods, fires, and storms devestating Southern States lacking the tax base to deal with them. As the demographic shifts occur then the makeup of the Gerrymandered Districts changes complexion. Democrats should be looking to the 2020 census and identify those Districts that are most important to us.

I don’t have a crystal ball nor can I roll chicken bones to tell the future but even the most optimistic see a storm, heavy political weather, and depending upon the finding of the Special Councilor, perhaps an earthquake in Washington, DC.