Capital Shift


Paul Munnis

In the shift from agrarian wealth to industrial wealth, reallocation of wealth happened.

The same is occurring as we revalue assets in a technilogical world. Land predominated during the agricultural period, cash expressed the means of production and distribution in the industrial era, and now access to data predominates in the technical era.

Note that that each asset retains some value and does not die off with the shift to these assets. Thus if you have large land holdings then you can help feed the world, thus you prosper. Ownership of the means of production and data wealth are all still wealth. Rather we see the currency change. The physical currency changes appearance to indicate it’s origins. Thus land deeds represents the ag era, dollars, the industrial era: and now Bitcoins dominate the tech era.

Thus we can say that a national GDP is made up of (agriculture + industrial production + data). But something is missing from the equation: and it is foreign holdings. Foreign holdings are that portion of a nation’s GDP sequestered is offshore accounts. Now the equation is more complete for foreign holdings can be recalled. Thus a swap of foreign held assets is an interesting financial play.

What happened in each asset shift was deflation and inflation of assets. In a rush to acquire the means of production we saw land values fall and industrial assets rise in price.

Today we are seeing Bitcoin values inflate and dollars decline. It’s not that GDP is a constant but rather that the elements of wealth, the value of the assets, reflect supply and demand. Right now data assets are valuable for they are a method of acquiring dollars that can be converted to the other wealth elements.

This is what gives rise to hacking, just as it gave rise to bank robberies at the onset of the industrial era.

People want something for nothing and hacking is a way to steal it. Anything of value can and will be hacked. The goal is to convert it to assets plus deploy security over the ill gotten gain. (note that the successful hacker can become a victim and thus must rely upon the security of the acquired asset class).

To the hacker, the type of asset is not key except from the viewpoint of convertibility and net value.Theis gives rise to money laundering as as form of fraud detection. How to convert the money from one form of asset class to another becomes the name of the game. Thus Russian Rubles embezeld from a Russian bank must be converted to a world currency to be fully enjoyed. Usually third parties are employed as agents in the swap, thus the money launderer is held in higher criminal contempt than the hacker.

Note that those who can work both sides of the street are the best laundry agents for they can establish sudden wealth gain. An example is a casino big winner, a real estate agent, a political campaign manager obtaining large donations.

Robert Mueller knows this and he has set a bird-dog at tracking Trump’s trail. He seeks to track Trump’s movement of money. He suspects money laundering with the Russians in the context of the 2016 Presidential Election. He is determined to follow the money trail.

It is clear that Robert Mueller is hot on Trump’s tail and poised for the kill.

Remembering that the money launderer is held in greater contempt than the hacker then when the launderer is the President of the U.S., then if Mueller exposes Trump then he changes the nature of money laundering, likely forever. He establishes security over cash assets.

That is where we are right now. Mueller has Trump in his sights and is lining up for the kill. When he fires, he will fire a shot heard around the world.

Stay Tuned!!!