Donna Brazile and the DNC


Paul Munnis

On November 7th, just a few days off, Donna Brazile’s book documenting the 2016 election will be released to the public. Thus I have not had a chance to read it; but it is on order.

According to media reports, that might be false: “she is destroying the Democratic Party.” This seems unlikely since she has devoted her life to building it up.

Reports are that when news broke that Hillary Clinton had pneumonia that Donna considered replacing Hillary.

According to the reports it is causing the Party to collapse. Yet isn’t that what a leader does by taking the pulse of the organization and guiding it? They are supposed to create backup plans.

That sounds more like the Donna Brazile that I know. In fact, the more I think about it the more this seems like a GOP effort to smear Democrats on the eve of upcoming critical elections. I suspect the R’s are throwing a Hail Mary pass on the eve of a huge vote where they are behind in Red States.

I’ll read the book once It arrives on Kindle and I suuspact it will be History because the elections will be over with.