Forging Steel


Paul Munnis

Today I read my Kindle version of Donna Brazile’s beek “Hacks.” I have spent every spare moment reading it and it is extraordinary.

I am not going to write a book review concerning this awesome book but rather a short essay instead.

The essay begins with how Steel is forged using strong iron, fire, water, and severe pounding to realign the molecules until the steel is reshaped to make it tough in order to withstand hard use.

Donna’s book describes God forging her for His use in the future. She has experienced fire, water, and a severe pounding for sure.

She thinks God is through with her but He isn’t. He has grand plans for Donna.

Donna was placed in the forge to heat to a high temperature when she inherited leadership of the DNC from Debby Wasserman Shultz. It was a mess and financially broke not to mention handicapped from agreements with the Sanders and the Clinton camps. The Clinton camp being the most severe, I believe Hillary was not willing to exit the campaign in debt again..

Then she was plunged repeatedly into cold water by the Russians, Wikileaks, and various hackers and found herself seeking help and friendship within the Party and mainly left to survive on her own.

Then the media pounded her bloody and tossed her back into the forge.

This cycle repeated often until she reached tensile strength.

She now sits on God’s workbench awaiting His next assignment for her. She is a sturdy sword now, ready to do battle.

Today, Donna thinks she has lost it all. The material things in her life are impacted as she has lost most of the mantel of power. She is in mourning for that loss and this book will provide her with income while she recovers from her ordeal.

But Donna Brazile is not finished: she is resting and will be made razor sharp as she rebuilds her future.

If I were a cartoonist I would portray her as Wonder Woman, carrying a sword and try to convey her new strength.

I urge readers to buy and read “Hacks,” it may be the best read of 2017.