Inevitable Conflict


Paul Munnis

Unfourtunately the collapse of the GOP has entered an expected phase wherein hate, bigotry, white supremacy, and neo-nazism, has to be confronted.

Republicans have stroked these groups, which we have called “Red Necks” in the past but who form the core of Trump supporters. Trump Administration appointees like Steve Brannon and Jeff Sessions are manifestations of the GOP’s problem.

Southern Cities are smoldering right now over police killings of blacks and even here in Minnesota we are not immune.

Conditions are building for race riots in the South and so far community leaders, both black and white, have been able to prevent open warfare. Jeff Sessions has made clear that he will not use the Justice Department to manage police brutality and just four days ago Trump gave a speech in West Virginia encouraging police to “rough up those apprehended.”

So now Congress faces a huge problem of their own making: how to manage a third of their voters given to extreme Right Wing Conservative views. We note that the House is replete with Right Wing Conservatives and that many Southern States are over represented in Congress, thus we expect little of consequence from Congress, and as noted earlier, the Trump Administration is part of the problem and likely will not be part of the solution.

I don’t think it will come easy to quell American Red Necks for I have experienced a great deal of this wrapped up into e-mail spam originating from so called “born again” religious groups who attack the very precepts upon which Christianity is based. I know I am not alone in this experience and that most readers have had similar experiences.

These hate groups are hiding behind our Constitutional precepts and until the Supreme Court makes it clear that the public interest holds strong sway then the Right Wing will continue their mischief.

What Democrats can and must do is to continue to support a strong voice for civil-rights, demand peace and tranquility in our cities, and bring well organized Court cases to bear against these dark forces. We know the GOP is crashing and burning, we have daily evidence of it; thus it now falls upon us to think ahead to reconstruction for that task will fall to Democrats and we need to be prepared else we will look as empty as Reublicans do over national healthcare.

Charlottesville is a lesson we had better learn from. It can’t be put off any longer. I am confident that the majority of Americans will demand needed change.

In closing I would note the collapse of the Right Wing around the world as Conserative governments fall. Britain, France, Germany, the US, Canada, Argentinia, and Brazil, are examples. Russia, China, NKorea are all trembling at the prospect of revolution. The situation in the mid-east is well known. Many of these nations face their own crisis, as some are able to use democratic principles for reconstruction; while others face stiff social and economic change. Syria is a powerful example of what can happen if change is not properly managed. It falls to Democrats to reconstruct America in the wake of Conservative collapse.