Mob Mentality The Damning of Donald Trump


Paul Munnis

Certainly I am no fan of Donald Trump. Like all, I have dark suspicions about him and his past, present, and future. I did not vote for him and never would.

Yet I hear a mob preparing for the modern day equivalent of a lynching; in this case: impeachment. I hear voices saying “Wait, he is innocent until proven guilty and he must be given due process and an opportunity to face his accusers.”

I find myself aligned with the voices of law and order.

I know that Trump has a track record of lies; that he is unable to govern, that he is dangerous in his position, and that it would be better if he were furloughed. I know that quite a dossier has been compiled upon him and his cohorts. I know that three investigations are in progress: one by each branch of Congress and one by the FBI.

I also know that he has not yet been proven guilty of an impeachable offense and that we need to restrain ourselves until the investigations are done.

I also think Donald Trump has mental illness and needs treatment and that while he is undergoing such he needs to be treated as a sick patient and given the help that he would deny others in his healthcare proposal. I also know that while he is in this condition he is a real and present danger and must be relieved of his duties.

Furloughing Donald Trump pending mental evaluation should commence now and Congress is failing to do its job. Congress must step up to the task.