Normalizing Russian Relations


Paul Munnis

Recent reports from Buzzfeed and CNN seem to estblish that Putin is prepared to normalize relations between Russia and the United States. This could be a game changer, an event bigger than the removal of the Berlin Wall, an event that would lionize Trump and Putin in the annals of history..

As reported, the proposal established a time table for the US and Russia to meet and negotiate solutions to areas of strife such as Russian access to the Crimea, Syria, trade, and other areas of present dispute that cause people to think that the Cold War has resumed. Restoring diplomatic relations, an end to threats of war, relief from sanctions, and cooperation on matters such as climate change, would have enormous benefits for both nations. Tensions between China and NKorea could also be worked upon together.

Under such circumstances Trump would likely be given a pass on meetings leading up to the proposal and an explation that Hillary Clinton was too anti-Kremlin to make such an offer to, would create a defense for Putin and Trump and for behavior related to the 2016 Presidential Election.

It should be noted that Putin is running for election and has formidable opponents while Trump is struggling to prevent his impeachment. From a political viewpoint the offer makes sense.

It should also be noted that a large part of the Federal budget goes to the “industrial / military complex” as General Eisenhower termed the Defense Industry and this is not welcome news to the companies involved. Such budget money could go to providing for national healthcare, tax reform, and restoration of infrastructure. Many Federal Agencies would be impacted and lots of members of Congress who have built their careers around anti-Russian themes would be without a platform although many might be able to pivot.

Where we go from here is anybody’s guess. So far, the report is met with dead silence by the media and Congress.