The Human Side


Paul Munnis

Donald Trump demands loyalty, insists on life or death defense of himself and his office, complains about leaks, and rants over staff members. Staff members can be terrorized and made insecure when things are awry and failure looms. If the Staff is guilty of incompetence they are ready to accept their fate even as they defend the Boss and his office.

Let’s stop for a moment and deal with the human side of governing.

W start by observing that people are social animals and interact with one another. That means that there is going to be love, hate, laughter, tears, shared values, and families trying to advance economically. Bonding within the team is essential and will happen naturally. So will contention.

It also means people bring their values with them and when confronted with things that they perceive as wrong they will try to rectify the situation. That can lead to leaks.

Managing a team of such people means that the Boss must understand his staff and the dynamics involved and must show respect for the individual at every turn. A successful Boss sees his staff as a symphony orchestra able to create beautiful music; but if mis-conducted then the result is noise. The Boss must therefore conduct his staff like a well disciplined orchestra. I have used an orchestra here to make my point but the same applies to managers of sports teams as we can all agree upon.

The Boss who is an ego-maniac takes credit for success and blames his Staff for failure. That does not make him a teflon manager, rather a cold hearted person who deserves little respect is the staff judgement. They might defend even as they despise for they face economic or professional consequences. They start to look for alternatives to working for this guy.

Let’s get this straight, the Staff is made up of people with proven talent. They are heavy hitters in their own right. Given a showcase they consistently knock it out of the park and know how to play defense, but they have to be given the opportunity to shine. A good Boss will integrate his team members and bring out the best in them. A bad Boss ignores his staff except when there is blame to place.

A good Boss mentors his new hires and plugs them in where most needed.

Okay,we got this straight and we can see Donald Trump is a lousy Boss reponsible for his own failure and will always be at the bottom of his league as a result.

To prevent falling into this a smart Boss will establish a Chief of Staff to manage the Boss and to influence team dynamics. The COS is not there to be seen or heard, rather to see and hear and act as a respected coach.

When a meeting with our nation’s adversary is held and classified information that endangers others is transmitted, it is natural that there will be leaks. The Boss brought that on himself. He may seek to lynch the leaker but needs to accept blame. Trump is a lousy Boss and needs to be replaced. It’s up to the Board of Directors (Congress) to do the deed.