Unwanted Asset


Paul Munnis

I doubt that another two weeks will pass before the GOP disassociates with Donald Trump.

Normally controlling the Executive Branch of government is a good thing but every day Trump makes Republicans look the fool and they have to defend him.

On his way to Election he destroyed the Republican candidate pool as people like Jeb Bush and Rubio were run over.

I suspect the honeymoon is over and that the GOP, wishing to rebuild their brand, can no longer afford him.

Let’s look at the future::

Congress has at least two investigations for the Trump role in Russiagate.

Today it was revealed he disclosed classified information to the Russians.

He has a healthcare bill going to the Senate that is DOA.

He has a war going on with American Intel.

We need to be focusing on trade in order to create jobs and trade isn’t even on his dance card.

He is being scrutinized daily by the media who he has been at war with.

His political base is shrinking.

His dealings with our neighbors Mexico and Canada are a disaster.

The Courts are not ruling for him.

He is raising fear of nuclear war with NKorea.

His reord of lies runs several pages.

The list goes on and on and the GOP cannot sustain this much longer for they have legislation to pass and a fractured Party to manage.They also have elections to win and Trump is bad for business.

Nope, somehow they have to discard and divorce Trump.

Everyone talks impeachment but there is also resignation. There is the possibility of a Supreme Court request by Congress to make him inactive as president and the VP active, while tests are run on Trump’s mental health.